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If you’ve spent some time finding your way around the online casino industry and have decided it’s now time to have a go for real, the following article will help you navigate one of the first steps – how to deposit money at the venue of your choice.  We’ll assume you’ve done your due diligence on the site you have in mind and are aware of the bonuses available to new players (read about that here) and are now fully prepared to take the next step.  There are various methods available for transferring money and what’s below is a brief guide.

Credit and Debit Cards

The most obvious way of getting the money from you to an online casino, a credit/debit card is without doubt the quickest and most flexible way of getting the job done but there are a couple of drawbacks of which potential users should be aware.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are of course a debt incurred by you and unless you’re using an interest-free facility you will incur charges in accordance with the interest rates set by the lender.   They can also incur administration charges tied to each transaction so beware of that.  A debit card will incur no fees as it only takes money from an account which can afford it but occasionally a bank will allow a user to go overdrawn using a debit card which may cost you money.

Bank Transfer

Perceived as an extremely reliable method of money transfer, the downsides are that there may well be a fee involved, especially when performing international transfers and if you’re impatient, this method s not for you; it can take a number of days, depending on transfer locations.

Digital Wallet

A Digital wallet (Net Wallet) stores all the information you want in a secure online location.  It’s an efficient way to quickly access your credit card details, etc but the though of all that information in one place may not be for the nervous.

Prepaid Cards

No fees and no risks, the prepaid card can be bought at any number of shops in exchange for hard cash and can then be cashed in at many online casino.  The only drawback is that not all venues accept all types of prepaid card.


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Online Bonus Overview

If you’re considering taking a tentative step into the world of online gaming there are a few things you should be taking into consideration.  Near the top of the list is which online casino to choose and one of the factors which should be swaying you is the level of bonuses and promotions which each site offers.

This article is not a definitive view of each type of offer – we’ll cover that in a different article – but it is an overview of the main categories of bonus on offer.  There’s a lot of competition out there, check out the following search results for ‘online casino bonus’ so a little bit of knowledge will help in the long run.

Google searchThe Welcome Bonus

Also known as the New Player bonus or Sign Up bonus, this is usually the most lucrative offer.  When you make your first deposit you’ll receive a percentage of that amount free from the site, sometimes up to 300%.  There will almost certainly be an upper ceiling on the amount of free money you can obtain but it’s a good offer.

The Deposit Bonus

This can be lucrative over a long period of time; it’s usually applicable if you deposit money via a certain method.  For example a prepaid card may offer a 10% bonus for using that method each time you use it.  Over the life of your stay at a particular casino it can add up to a substantial bonus.

The Loyalty Bonus

This is a slow burner which can prove profitable for those who play and deposit regularly.  Most sites will award you loyalty points each time you play a poker game, for example.  The points you gradually accrue will ultimately be able to be swapped for entries for tournaments, prizes and occasionally cash rewards.

The Refer A Friend Bonus

Lastly, the Refer A Friend bonus probably explains itself.  Once you’re a member you have the opportunity to introduce a friend to that site – you will then be rewarded with something like a cash prize for your troubles.



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Reefclub Casino Review

In the realm of the online casino, some websites and operators have been around longer than others.  Although Reefclub Casino is not one of the oldest sites, it does date from 2002 which gives it a satisfying long lifespan so far.

The first thing you notice about the site is its simplicity and user interface;  for Windows users there’s a clear link to download the software to your PC and for Mac and Linux users there’s an Instant Play version.  Downloadable software would be nice for those operating systems too but it’s probably not cost effective just yet.

A check of the ‘Promotions’ page will offer the new user a range of generous offers.  New users will get a 200% bonus on any deposit up to 150 pounds, dollars or euros.  Taking advantage of this offer will also mean you are eligible for a further 12 months of bonuses which could be worth up to £3120 in the first year.

Reefclub Promotions

Reefclub Promotions

Reefclub Casino’s main games are Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack but there’s also a wide range of other attractions including poker variants, video slots and progressive slots.  Craps is available, as is Keno for the bingo fans so there’s always something to take your fancy.

Reefclub Casino has a pretty generous loyalty reward scheme.  As soon as you start depositing money you’ll start accruing ‘comp’ points.  When you have enough you convert them back into free cash.  The more you spend, the more you get back!  If you’re a big-spending high-roller, the rewards are even better; you’ll get a personal account manager, bigger bonuses and if you make it as a Gold member, you can look forward to rewards such as tickets to sports events , fast cashouts and even higher bonuses.

As far as security goes, you’re in good hands here – Reefclub Casino is part of which is licensed by Gibraltar and listed on the London Stock Exchange.  It also complies with all eCogra’s voluntary code for treatment of customers.  Check out Reefclub Casino for a great gaming experience.

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